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Welcome to our digital repository of My University research!

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Center for Japanese Language Education [98]
University Museum [16]
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Latest Items in this Repository

関, 由行 (2011) S2-4 Epigenetic reprogramming and abnormalities in primordial germ cells in mice. 日本環境変異原学会大会プログラム・要旨集, 40: 80-80
原, 彰二郎 (2014) 自治体病院経営の現状と課題 : 地方独立行政法人化の有効性の検証. 経営戦略研究 = Studies in business and accounting, 8: 99-116
山本, 哲平 (2014) 地方自治体予算における議会の参画 : 行政評価を活用した決算審査からの考察. 経営戦略研究 = Studies in business and accounting, 8: 117-134
Heniwati, Elok (2014) The Accounting Environment in Indonesia. 経営戦略研究 = Studies in business and accounting, 8: 43-60
Hudson, Joshua (2014) Agency and IFRS Implementation : The Relationship between Primary Participants. 経営戦略研究 = Studies in business and accounting, 8: 61-79


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