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Kwansei Gakuin University [251]
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School of Sociology/Graduate School of Sociology [483]
School of Law and Politics/Graduate School of Law and Politics [501]
School of Economics/Graduate School of Economics [1042]
School of Business Administration/Graduate School of Business Administration [966]
School of Science and Technology/Graduate School of Science and Technology [724]
School of Policy Studies/Graduate School of Policy Studies [450]
School of Human Welfare Studies/Graduate School of Human Welfare Studies [170]
School of Education/Graduate School of Education [102]
School of International Studies [42]
Graduate School of Language, Communication, and Culture [7]
Law school [0]
Graduate School of Institute of Business and Accounting [196]
University Library [101]
Division for Research Development and Outreach [139]
Institute for Industrial Research [294]
Institute for Integrated Communication Research and Development [35]
Center for Information and Media Studies [27]
Language Center [73]
Research Center for Teacher Development [40]
Institute for Human Rights Research and Education [58]
Institute for the Research of Disaster Area Reconstruction [77]
Research Center for Christianity and Culture [163]
Institute for Advanced Social Research [120]
Center for Research into and Promotion of Higher Education [59]
Center for Japanese Language Education [64]
University Museum [16]
Research Institutions (Kwansei Gakuin University) [582]
Research Institutions [37]

Latest Items in this Repository

中西, 敏昭 (2001) 希少生物分布地域の環境調査. 環境教育, 11(1): 71-71
鍵谷, 寛佑 (2010) 山本信太郎著『イ ングラン ド宗教改革の社会史―ミッド・テューダー期の教区教会―』立教大学出版会2009年3月刊213頁3,800円. 関学西洋史論集, 33: 47-49
飯田, 収治 (2010) 「ナチズムの過去」をめぐる「記憶」の現状 : ノイエンガメKZ記念遺跡の新造営構想を中心に. 関学西洋史論集, 33: 25-43
Miyazaki, 宮崎, 雄介 (2010) <新刊紹介>井上文則著『軍人皇帝時代の研究―ローマ帝国の変容―』岩波書店2008年11月刊226頁7,245円. 関学西洋史論集, 33: 45-46
滝澤, 聡子 (2010) <シンポジウム>近世フランスにおける女性相続人. 関学西洋史論集, 33: 3-9


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