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Kwansei Gakuin University [290]
School of Theology/Graduate School of Theology [684]
School of Humanities/Graduate School of Humanities [2638]
School of Sociology/Graduate School of Sociology [648]
School of Law and Politics/Graduate School of Law and Politics [554]
School of Economics/Graduate School of Economics [1132]
School of Business Administration/Graduate School of Business Administration [1148]
School of Science and Technology/Graduate School of Science and Technology [895]
School of Policy Studies/Graduate School of Policy Studies [504]
School of Human Welfare Studies/Graduate School of Human Welfare Studies [180]
School of Education/Graduate School of Education [155]
School of International Studies [80]
Graduate School of Language, Communication, and Culture [12]
Law school [0]
Graduate School of Institute of Business and Accounting [226]
University Library [113]
Division for Research Development and Outreach [184]
Institute for Industrial Research [338]
Institute for Integrated Communication Research and Development [35]
Center for Information and Media Studies [27]
Language Center [87]
Research Center for Teacher Development [51]
Institute for Human Rights Research and Education [77]
Institute for the Research of Disaster Area Reconstruction [77]
Research Center for Christianity and Culture [191]
Institute for Advanced Social Research [166]
Center for Research into and Promotion of Higher Education [96]
Center for Japanese Language Education [98]
University Museum [16]
Research Institutions (Kwansei Gakuin University) [631]
Research Institutions [41]

Latest Items in this Repository

Kusumoto, Kiyomi and Ura, Hiroyuki (2015) Some Notes on the Syntax and Semantics of Functional Wh-Constituents. 英米文学, 59(1): 319-345
Morii, Yusuke (2015) Plays-within-Plays and the Struggle of the Dramatists. 英米文学, 59(1): 271-292
Yamauchi, Masaki (2015) Fanny Robin’s Role in Far from the Madding Crowd. 英米文学, 59(1): 293-303
横内, 一雄 (2015) 酒聖絶唱 : Malcolm Lowry の酒場詩編を読む. 英米文学, 59(1): 305-318
Isobe, Yumiko (2015) The Amphitheatre and Ann’s Theatre : The Hell Scene and Theatricality in Man and Superman. 英米文学, 59(1): 233-254


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