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Welcome to our digital repository of My University research!

More exciting news to appear here.


Kwansei Gakuin University [290]
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School of Law and Politics/Graduate School of Law and Politics [571]
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School of Business Administration/Graduate School of Business Administration [1148]
School of Science and Technology/Graduate School of Science and Technology [896]
School of Policy Studies/Graduate School of Policy Studies [510]
School of Human Welfare Studies/Graduate School of Human Welfare Studies [180]
School of Education/Graduate School of Education [155]
School of International Studies [80]
Graduate School of Language, Communication, and Culture [12]
Law school [0]
Graduate School of Institute of Business and Accounting [231]
University Library [113]
Division for Research Development and Outreach [211]
Institute for Industrial Research [341]
Institute for Integrated Communication Research and Development [35]
Center for Information and Media Studies [27]
Language Center [134]
Research Center for Teacher Development [51]
Institute for Human Rights Research and Education [77]
Institute for the Research of Disaster Area Reconstruction [77]
Research Center for Christianity and Culture [191]
Institute for Advanced Social Research [166]
Center for Research into and Promotion of Higher Education [96]
Center for Japanese Language Education [168]
University Museum [16]
Research Institutions (Kwansei Gakuin University) [631]
Research Institutions [52]

Latest Items in this Repository

井上, 琢智 (2015) 〈資料〉山辺丈夫滞英時代(1879)の英文・日本語日記. 経済学論究, 69(3): 133-180
林, 勇貴 (2015) 芸術・文化政策と企業活動 : ヘドニック・アプローチを用いた間接便益の計測. 経済学論究, 69(3): 69-92
田中, 敏弘 (2015) 〈翻訳〉ソースティン・ヴェブレン : 「資本の本質について」. 経済学論究, 69(3): 93-112
ヴェンドラー, オイゲン and 原田, 哲史 (2015) 〈翻訳〉フリードリヒ・リストの「世界は動く」について(III 完). 経済学論究, 69(3): 113-131
Fujiwara, Kenji (2015) Export versus FDI under Duopoly with Unemployment and Exchange Rates. 経済学論究, 69(3): 37-50


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